2009 - 2011

The Centre of London (2)

"In geometry, the centre of mass of a two-dimensional figure or three-dimensional solid. Thus the centroid of a two-dimensional figure represents the point at which it could be balanced if it were cut out of, for example, sheet metal." - Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

Where is the centre of London? Distances from London are measured from Charing Cross, specifically from a traffic island immediately to the south of Trafalgar Square. Is this the true centre?

Greater London can be described as a single shape. The centre of mass of this shape is the centre of London. This point is in the Tanswell Estate between Pearman Street and Baylis Road, SE1.

The river Thames is governed by the Port of London authority as far upstream as Teddington Lock in Richmond, and it could be said that it is outside the boundary of Greater London. To see the result of the same exercise with the River Thames excluded from the boundary of Greater London please refer toThe Centre of London (1)

With assistance from the Johanna Primary School, SE1 and Steve Marsh (Lambeth Council)
Photography by Simon Jones